Investment Solutions

Monaco Asset Management’s investment principle is to produce superior returns for its clients in a responsible manner. The investment team’s objective is to generate positive alpha while continuously focusing on capital preservation. This is our core differentiating value proposition. It is the foundation of our discretionary and advisory asset management solutions.

Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork are the fundamental pillars supporting our corporate culture.

Wealth Management

Monaco Asset Management provides tailored Wealth Management solutions for both private and institutional clients. Through our focus towards capital preservation, our portfolios aim to be resilient during distressed economic times. Thanks to our robust internal reporting and portfolio management systems, we have a strong support tools to conduct in-depth and real-time performance analysis. The capacity to aggregate investments enables us to invest in all types of investments to provide investors with the best risk-adjusted returns. This gives clients access to new investment solutions at attractive rates and fees through our vast and unique network.

Fund Management

Monaco Asset Management is dedicated to providing clients with a strong portfolio of internally developed funds and certificates which allow us to trade more efficiently and around the clock. We continuously review the performance and risk exposure of our products to ensure they provide competitive risk-adjusted returns and are aligned with our mission of capital preservation.

  • MAM Macro Hedge Strategy Fund
  • MAM North American Certificate
  • MAM European Certificate
  • MAM All Weather Certificate
  • Petram Real Estate
  • Petram MT
  • Io Macro Fund Limited
  • Io Hypernova Fund Limited

Private Investment Program

This program provides investors with a unique access to private assets. Through mutualization we improve each investor’s accessibility to private markets and offer a fully diversified private investment portfolio. Monaco Asset Management is a full ecosystem for private investments. We have experience in different strategy type of private investments: Private Debt, Real Estate, Secondaries, Private Equity, Co-investments and Direct investments. In parallel of an investment, we provide the due diligence and follow-up with funds. We complement our expertise in private investing through our network and joint ventures with well-established private equity firms. We are able to provide a private asset specific consolidated reporting providing an executive summary and analysis of the investments.

Impact Investing Initiative

Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Doing good while doing well. We believe in the construction of a portfolio that can achieve similar risk-adjusted returns than a traditional portfolio, while allocating 100% of the capital to investments that have a tangible impact with regards to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our edge comes from the ability to source unique impact investing opportunities across asset classes. Our mission is maximize risk-adjusted returns along with maximized impact. We regularly review the performance and impact of the strategy to ensure that our mission of “impact without sacrifice” is respected.