About Us

Monaco Asset Management specializes in discretionary and advisory asset management for private and institutional clients. Through a series of joint ventures with leading and industry-specialized businesses, we developed an edge over our competitors. Our large network within the global banking industry enables us to compare the quality of a wide array of financial institutions and the services they offer. Our team has a wealth of experience when it comes to negotiating fee conditions, loan applications, and other elements on behalf of our clients. It can also support clients in choosing the optimal custodian.

We continuously align our interests with those of our clients to achieve the best performance for a predetermined level of risk.

Our ethos is to eliminate all potential conflicts of interest which is why we do not receive any retrocession fees.

20 years
Assets Under Management
Industry Experience
Depository Banks
  • $4bnAssets Under Management
  • 20 yearsIndustry Experience
  • 50+Depository Banks

What We Do

Tailored Investment

Monaco Asset Management defines management objectives and risk profiles with each clients. Our relationship managers take the time to sit down with their clients to define expectations and establish the most suitable investment approach. We consistently take into account wealth management objectives, desired level of risk exposure, and investment horizons to deliver optimal risk-adjusted return.

Consolidated Reporting

Monaco Asset Management developed its own proprietary information technology systems. With instant access to the information, we offer client reporting ranging from executive summaries down to the finest portfolio details allowing real-time portfolio analysis and risk management. Our robust systems enable us to construct a detailed and consolidated reporting of assets, even if they are held at different depository banks. Procedures and controls are continuously challenged and improved to minimize risks and optimize the clients’ experience.

Client Solution

Monaco Asset Management is keen on providing clients with the ability to invest in a wide array of assets ranging from liquid to illiquid investments. There are no predetermined constraints to what clients can do with their investments. As opposed to some competitors, we invest in all asset classes with respect to investors’ profiles and preferences while providing advisory solutions. The full access to the firm’s investment solutions allows clients to benefit from true portfolio diversification, limited cross-asset correlation, and reduced market beta.

Why Choose Us


Research is independently generated, free of influence from investment and custodian banks


Simple and transparent fee structure with no hidden conflicts of interest


Constant drive to redesign the asset management industry and enhance value to customers

Our History

  • 1999Foundation of Monaco Asset Management
  • 2006Capital increase and new shareholder
    Gian Luca Braggiotti joins as Chairman of the Board
    First Association with Patrice Pastor
  • 2008First investment in private markets
    Best performance and capital preservation compared to the benchmark
  • 2009First private equity investment
  • 2015Creation of a joint-venture with the private equity “Mantra Secondary Opportunities Fund”
  • 2017Launch of the in-house Petram Real Estate project in a joint-venture with J.B. Pastor
    Launch of the Petram Hedge Fund
    Foundation of Io Macro Fund
  • 2018Launch of a brand new information technology system
  • 2019Launch of the Impact Investing Initiative
    Greater communication and implementation of our commitment to ESG initiatives